Architectural Rendering - The Process


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1. Information we need from you:


Architectural Plans:



First and foremost we need the plans - floor plans and elevations. They are the basis for the computer model and as such are essential. If your structure has special door, windows, stone or masonry details etc. then we will need details of them as well. The more information you provide us with the more accurate the model will be. Think of what a builder would need and then send us the plans.



If you don't have access to complete plans then we can prepare our models from what you have and add a bit of "creative license", but you must be prepared to pay for changes if you want to use the process to resolve your designs.



We prefer all architectural files you send us to be in .dwg format (backward compatible w/ AutoCAD 2005) but we can also accept .pdf, .dxf, .obj, .ai, .3ds, .dem, .xml, .ddf, and .wmf


Design Finishes and Colors:



We require exterior materials, finishes, and colors. Remember, we create a scene as though it was real, so we need to create all surfaces to perfection. The information can be supplied via scanned photographs and or samples. You can also direct us to manufacturer's websites - please be sure to supply all codes and/or serial numbers for products and materials.






2. The Computer Model:


The 3D Architectural Model:



The first step in creating your architectural rendering is to 3D model -on the computer- the shell of the structure. This process constructs the exterior of the building and includes the placement of the walls, windows, doors, and all the other structural and ornamental design elements.




Once we create the shell we generate a series of 3D pictures for approval and final modification. These pictures are far from being artwork and are purely for checking architectural and structural accuracy and for deciding on the preferred camera angle. Any alterations and changes in the architectural plans to those originally supplied are charged at the regular $75/hr alteration fee.






3. The Finished Rendering:


 The 3D Architectural Scene:



Now, at this step we apply the surfaces and textures to all the architectural elements and add landscaping components to the scene.



* Landscaping: Complete and extensively finished landscaping can, for an additional fee, be included as a part of your rendering if you have a fully detailed landscaping plan. Otherwise, to save on cost and time and to focus on the architecture, your rendering will include basic entourage - foundation plantings, drive etc. (from landscaping plans or created by artist if no plans are provided) and, if desired, basic trees to fill out the background. Background trees are only available with the color rendering option.



At this point a small proof showing the materials, texturing, and landscaping will be sent for you to look over. Here, you can request minor modifications to the colors and textures of materials and size and placement of landscaping free of charge. Structural changes are not included.



Finally, in a color rendering, the background sky is added and all the elements of the picture are "glazed" or adjusted to harmonize the color and unify the tone and feel of the scene. With a black & white rendering, the final step is to perform various adjustments in Photoshop (altering the contrast of all elements, running it through various filters, etc.) which when combined give the final artwork the true look and feel of a pen & ink drawing.



When the rendering is complete, a small proof will be sent to you for your final approval. At this point you may request one set of minor alterations to over all final coloring of the scene free of charge. Any additional changes beyond this are charged at the regular $75/hr.


Once approval is granted and final payment of the remaining balance is received, we will email you a high resolution digital image in the file format of your choice or, for an extra fee, mail you a finished and mounted print.



To begin the creation of your architectural rendering

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