Architectural Rendering Pricing


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I try to keep the ordering process as simple as possible, especially when it comes to something as straight-forward as pricing your exterior 3D architectural renderings. So whether you want the pen & ink or the color style, unlike other rendering companies, approximate costs are all right here for you to see.



Estimated Cost For One High Resolution Digital Still Image of A House - Pen & Ink or Color Style: (based upon the standard $25/hr. modeling/rendering rate) 


House Size (in square feet)


approx. 2000


approx. 3000


approx. 4000


approx. 5000




*You also have the option of creating a print of your rendering suitable for presentations by spray mounting it on a foam board or for framing by placing the print in traditional bevel-cut matting. Please email for available sizes and pricing.



Additional Information:


Each rendering includes entourage, foundation plantings, drive etc. (from landscaping plans or created by artist if no plans are provided) but to save you time and money, and to focus on the architecture, complete entourage and landscaping is typically not included.


Alterations and changes in the architectural plans to those originally supplied are charged at a prorated rate of $75/hr.


*Please visit the Creating Your Rendering section of the website to learn fully about alterations that are part of the process of crafting your picture and included as part of the standard $25/hr. rate and those that are not and charged the $75/hr. alteration fee.


 The normal time frame to complete a rendering depends upon structure size, level of detail, scheduling availability etc. Suggested time allowances is approx. a week for smaller jobs (2000 - 3000 sq. ft.) and two weeks to three weeks for larger projects depending upon size. Rush jobs can be accommodated but a 100% surcharge will be applied to the initial estimated fee.





50% of the initial estimated fee must be received as a non-refundable deposit before work can begin on your project. The remaining balance, including any alteration fees must be received before can email you the final high resolution digital image or the finished, mounted print.


Payment must be made by check, certified check or money order. Purchases paid using personal checks may be held until payment has cleared. does not accept credit cards or PayPal.



To begin the creation of your architectural rendering

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